The Criminal Process

There are two types of crime found in California Criminal Law. A felony is a more serious offense punishable by one year or more in state prison. A misdemeanor is a crime that is punishable by up to one year in county jail. However, regardless of the type of crime you have been charged with, a conviction can carry serious and life changing consequences. For instance, many misdemeanors carry a 10 year prohibition against owning or possessing firearms. A misdemeanor charge of child abuse, child neglect, child endangerment, or contributing to the delinquency of a minor can impact divorce court proceedings, family law judgments, and custody hearings. A conviction of such a charge to a parent or teacher will likely result in life-changing events and may prohibit you from being with your child unsupervised or from working in the public school system.

If you have been charged with a felony the first court hearing you will have upon the filing of formal charges is the arraignment. It is best to hire an attorney before the arraignment so that your lawyer, and legal team, can hit the ground running. Many times, a person will believe that they can handle the case by themselves, only to find a district attorney’s cold shoulder and a judge’s impatient explanations. At The Law Offices of Kyle J. Humphrey you will find an attorney who knows the criminal process frontwards and backwards and a legal team that will begin your defense immediately. The sooner we can begin speaking to the District Attorney’s Office and start our own investigation into your case the better. This will allow us to start your defense and build it from the ground up. Time is of the essence in a criminal case. Access to witnesses, to crime scenes, and to other evidence can be lost the longer a case drags on. Mr. Humphrey and his staff believe in an aggressive, comprehensive, and controlled attack on the government’s case.

This philosophy allows our team to be prepared at every step of the criminal process. Some attorneys believe the preliminary hearing in a felony matter to be a formality. Some attorneys will put little effort into pre-preliminary hearing investigation and research. Mr. Humphrey’s years of successful criminal trial practice have been achieved by thoroughness and being prepared. We will leave no rock unturned, no witnesses unaccounted for, and no evidence unexamined. Your constitutional guarantees in the criminal process warrant only the most careful and thoughtful defense.

If your case proceeds to trial you can be sure that The Law Offices of Kyle J. Humphrey will have the issues researched, the evidence gathered, and the investigation completed. During the entire process, Mr. Humphrey’s experience and wisdom garnered from trying over 1000 criminal trials will guide you through the storm to safe port. Don’t waste time in hiring the best…

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