Attorney Jared Thompson Comments on Fatal Highway Crash

Local criminal defense attorney Jared Thompson, who is not working on this case but has worked similar cases in the past, says wet reckless driving is a lesser charge than a DUI and doesn't result in a suspended license. "A wet reckless refers to a reckless driving incident that involves some measurable amount of alcohol. It doesn't require impairment and it doesn't require a certain blood alcohol. It just says alcohol was in the system and the person drove in a certain manner," said Thompson.

Attorneys Kyle Humphrey and Jared Thompson Comment on Their Murder Case

A Bakersfield man was sentenced Wednesday to life in prison in the death of his 22-month-old stepson following a contentious, three-day hearing in which defense counsel alleged prosecutorial and juror misconduct and slammed the trial judge for what it said was failure to ensure a fair trial for its client. "No one can refute that the appearance of unfairness has occurred throughout this trial," attorney Kyle J. Humphrey said.

Attorney Kyle Humphrey Comments on Bakersfield Cop Case

Nick was an on-duty sheriff’s deputy who killed a woman while responding code 3 to a call. He was charged with going too fast and not being able to stop in time striking her car and killing her. Kyle was able to settle the case for no time misdemeanor outcome.

Former deputy who was arrested 3 times in a week is released from jail

Attorney Humphrey secured probation for Edward Tucker, a former Kern County deputy accused of charges stemming from a series of arrests last year—one of which he even escaped police custody. Instead of more jail time, Tucker will serve probation and participate in a substance abuse program.

Bakersfield attorney sentenced to probation, anger management for brandishing gun

Attorney Humphrey secured a pair of acquittals for a Bakersfield lawyer who brandished and discharged a gun when approached late at night by homeless man known locally to threaten citizens. Humphrey clearly established the self-defense circumstances of the encounter and ensured that the court knew that his client recognized his own wrongdoing.

Man gets three years in landmark oral swab DUI case

Salas authored a written statement expressing remorse for the accident, which his attorney, Jared Thompson, gave to the judge. Thompson said his client is genuinely sorry for the accident, and he believes the father of a 1-year-old boy born during his father’s incarceration will use this second chance to turn his life around.

Attorney Humphrey secured minimum penalty for Jacob Dixon, who initially faced 20 different charges and a potential life sentence.

Deputy faces 9 charges for drugs, guns and escape

Attorney Humphrey entered a not guilty plea on behalf of Edward Tucker, who faces nine criminal charges, including for escaping police custody. He also spoke to the press about Mr. Tucker's $1 million bail, which he found excessive. Coverage of this same story from The Bakersfield Californian can be found here.

Charges dismissed against woman accused of tossing pills to defendant during murder trial

Murphy’s attorney, Jared Thompson, said prosecutors alleged she had wrapped five prescription pills in plastic and, while seated in the audience portion of the courtroom, threw them to her husband.

Details of the charges against Julian Hernandez

Local criminal defense attorney, Jared Thompson, about the felony charges Hernandez is facing. Thompson gave us a breakdown of what each charge means and the minimum and maximum time Hernandez could serve.

Accident or negligence? Opinions differ after verdict in fatal crash

Ashley Bell's eyes fill with tears as she recalls the accident last year where she hit a bicyclist with her car. She was found not guilty of vehicular manslaughter charges her attorney, Kyle Humphrey, says should have never been filed.

US Supreme Court rules police must have warrant before searching arrestees' cell phones

“To officers that feel that they have an entitlement to search anything whenever they arrest someone it might be a bad day for them, but for the Fourth Amendment and the Constitution it’s a good day," said Bakersfield criminal defense attorney Jared Thompson.

Criminal Law for Family Lawyers. Knowing Criminal Law concepts can help in future cases.

Kern County Bar Association Magazine published article regarding Kyle J. Humphrey's presentation to the Family Law section. Kyle was asked by the Family Law section of the bar association to give a presentation on issues dealt with in criminal defense that carry over into family law practice. Allowing family law practitioners to better understand criminal consequences to common issues such as domestic violence restraining orders, the rights of alleged victims of domestic violence and 5th amendment rights to silence for the accused.

California lawmaker introduces legislative cure for "Affluenza"

But Bakersfield criminal and DUI attorney Jared Thompson with the Law Offices of Kyle J. Humphrey told 23ABC that while there are good intentions behind the bill, it's too severe.

Local authorities explain the law after girl dies when aunt is too afraid to her medical help

23ABC news asks Jared Thompson to comment on a case involving the death of a two year old girl.

Former teacher sentenced to more than 3 years in child porn case

Kyle Humphrey represents a former teacher charged with possession of child pornography

Prison worker smuggled goods to inmates to support drug addiction

Attorney Jared Thompson represents Andrew Lucas in a case involving allegations of smuggling contraband into a prison.

Ex-high school drum line coach sentenced to 16 months in prison

Attorney Kyle J. Humphrey represents Jorge Luis Brodt on felony charges of oral copulation with a person under the age of 18.

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