The Other Perspective in the Media

At the Law Offices of Kyle J. Humphrey, Mr. Humphrey understands the importance of being available to media outlets to discuss current cases that he his handling, as well as other cases garnering media attention. In almost all criminal cases that catch the attention of the media, the initial information and details are provided by law enforcement officials and prosecuting agencies. By virtue of this reality, the initial information is commonly very much incriminating, and causes the public to decide guilt or innocence in the court of public opinion.

Mr. Humphrey has always believed that the other perspective, the perspective of the criminal defense attorney and the clients we represent, should be offered to the public as well. For this reason, he has always made himself available for media outlets to discuss his own cases and other high-profile cases. This philosophy is indicative of appreciation for the criminal justice system, the rule of law, and the presumption of innocence.

Recently, Mr. Humphrey has been seen in the media discussing the George Zimmerman verdict, a local homicide case, and some of his own cases involving school teachers and children. His perspective as an experienced and proven criminal defense attorneys allows the court of public opinion to be more balanced and fair. As we have all learned since kindegarten, there are always two sides to a story. Mr. Humphrey enjoys talking to the media to ensure that the other side of the story is given due attention. It is vital in our age of technology and instant access to information that the public be given different perspectives on current affairs. Mr. Humphrey is always available to provide such a perspective in criminal defense matters.