Tucker Released From Jail

Attorney Kyle Humphrey Secures Probation for Former Deputy

Humphrey & Thompson is pleased to announce that Attorney Humphrey has secured probation for Edward Tucker, the embattled former Kern County deputy who was subject of a series of arrests last year. As BakersfieldNow.com reports, Tucker has also been ordered to attend substance abuse counseling but will not spend any more time behind bars.

Last October, Tucker was seen approaching a group of children at a Belle Terrace birthday party while holding a firearm, claiming he was being chased. He was arrested and bailed out, only to be arrested again three days later. During that arrest, Tucker escaped the back of a squad car. He was then re-arrested just days later.

Despite Tucker's troubled history, Attorney Humphrey remained adamant that his behavior was fueled by substance abuse problems, not any malevolent intent. "If you spent any time with Ed, he would just—you'd want him to be your best friend," Humphrey told reporters. "I think, under all the circumstances, society benefited and my client benefited from this outcome, so I can't complain."

Following his no contest plea, Tucker was sentenced to three years of probation and will have to take part in a substance abuse rehabilitation program. Due in part to the incarceration Tucker sustained while waiting for his hearing, additional jail and prison time was waived.

Other Considerations

Attorney Humphrey also recognized prosecutors and law enforcement in this case seemed to recognize Mr. Tucker's substance abuse issue. "I do appreciate the District Attorney's office willingness to be compassionate in this case, and I hope they get the same good feeling from it that I do," he told the press. "You have a person that's really sacrificed a lot to be a good public servant for many years."

Chief Deputy District Attorney Mark Pafford remarked to the reporters that Tucker may have escaped even more serious charges if he had been booked before escaping police custody—a distinction he calls a technicality. Attorney Humphrey, however, took a different stance: "I love those technicalities because I call them the Bill of Rights, and I call them the certainty of the law," he said. "That keeps us from being savages."

We congratulate Attorney Humphrey for securing yet another favorable outcome for one of our clients. We hope this case stands as another example of the care and diligence Humphrey & Thompson consistently brings to the protection of our clients' rights and interests.

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