Recent Case Victories | Humphrey & Thompson

Humphrey & Thompson has been busy defending the rights and the good names of the people in our community. We are proud to be able to say that we and our clients have enjoyed a string of recent winning case results.

A few of our recent case results include:

  • DUI charges dismissed: Our client was accused of driving under the influence. This is already a serious charge but the penalties could have been escalated due to the fact that our client was under the age of 21. We knew we had to challenge all charges, front to back, or else our client could have lost their license. We managed to end the case with a complete clearage of the charges – no plea agreement required.
  • Assault on officer charges dismissed: Speaking of extremely serious criminal charges, our client was charged with mayhem and assault on an officer. The average sentencing for this crime in California carries 12 years of jail time upon conviction. The charges were dropped and no additional jail time was assigned to the lesser charges.
  • Sex crimes case ends with certificate: Our client had been convicted of a sex crime and may have been required to register as a sex offender for the rest of their life. We managed to convince the ruling parties to grant our client a certificate of rehabilitation, which shows that our client has rehabilitated themselves away from the behavioral habits that led to the original sex crime. Mandatory sex offender registry will end in 20 years, rather than last a lifetime.
  • Assault and domestic violence charges dismissed: Our client was accused of both assault and domestic violence. Understanding that the testimonies and evidence of the alleged incidents did not seem to add up, our Bakersfield criminal defense attorneys began an investigation of our own. Based on our findings, all charges were dismissed.
  • Gang charges dismissed: The state filed charges against our client that accused them of gang-related activity. From the beginning, the charges were quite transparent and lacking of substance. We managed to get all charges dismissed before the trial even began due to insufficient evidence.

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