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Any crime committed using the internet to facilitate the perpetration can have serious consequences. Fraud, cyber bullying, cyber terrorism, pornography, drug crimes and sex crimes are all crimes that can lead to severe penalties, and are often filed in federal court. If you have been charged with an internet crime, the punishment if convicted may be severe, including fines and imprisonment. It is vital that you act quickly to hire a Bakersfield criminal defense attorney that will aggressively fight for you.

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If you have been charged with an internet crime it is important that you speak with a criminal defense attorney in Bakersfield today. Depending on the specific charges, internet crimes convictions can carry stiff penalties. A conviction can also lead to loss of employment and can have devastating effects on your family and your future.

The most important decision you can make at this time is your choice of defense lawyers. Not all attorneys are trial attorneys; they may prefer to arrange a plea. We have extensive trial experience and our lead attorney is a former prosecutor, allowing him an exceptional understanding of the criminal justice process and how to best navigate through it on your behalf.

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The Law Offices of Kyle J. Humphrey has decades of criminal defense experience to bring to your defense. Our firm will provide you with an aggressive, tireless defense and are personally committed to each case we take on. It is essential that you hire a criminal defense attorney that has the knowledge and experience to provide the forceful defense that you need when you are hoping to avoid conviction.

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