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Attorneys Kyle J. Humphrey and Jared M. Thompson are no strangers to tough fights. They are relentless attorneys with a proven track record of successfully handling cases for over 35 years. 

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Need a Defense Attorney?

People who work in the legal system know who the good lawyers are. Attorneys Humphrey and Thompson are routinely referred cases by other attorneys, people associated with the courts in law enforcement, and satisfied clients. They have and continue to represent members of law enforcement who seek them out for the best defense when they are in trouble. If you have come to our website and are looking for a Bakersfield criminal defense lawyer you have come to the right place, a trusted place. Attorneys Kyle J. Humphrey and Jared M. Thompson are your best hope in a justice system that, regretfully, is not always just. With over 35 years of criminal law experience, Humphrey & Thompson can provide you with the expertise that you need to achieve the most successful outcome possible in your criminal case.
What is "The Criminal Process"?

There is a step-by-step process laid out according to law that must be followed when someone is suspected of a committing crime. At each step of the process, whether you are guilty of a crime or not, you are covered by certain rights and protections. A criminal defense attorney will ensure that your rights were not violated at any step and, if they were, will aggressively fight on your behalf to have the charges dropped if possible.

What are your rights?
The purpose of law is to protect the rights of those individuals living under that law. Laws were also written to protect people from the improper enforcement of law and false accusation of crime. A good criminal defense attorney exists to ensure your rights, when charged with a crime, are protected and you receive the full benefits of the law.

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