Drug Treatment Over Jail

You May Have Options

We recently had a client who was charged with drug sales, drug transportation, and several other charges many of which were felonies. It was a tough case and the prosecutor had strong evidence against our client. The client, who was not a drug dealer, simply let drug use create a very vunerable situation.

Signing papers for drug treatment

Thankfully, through negotiation with the prosecutor, we were able to resolve this case for treatment and dismissal of the felony charges.

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This case highlights a very important message in dealing with drug cases. Most times, drug offenders, especially those who use drugs, are not violent or dangerous. They are simply addicts who put themselves in precarious situations while feeding addiction. The media can give alot of attention to a drug addict who does something dangerous or violent, but statistically this occurs very infrequently. The truth is, to prevent future offenses, the addiction has to be treated.

Successful treatment will lead to less crime and the addict being able to rejoin the community as a productive member. Treatment should always be considered, because when it is successful, it serves the individual's and the community's best interest.

Drug Treatment May Be a Possiblity For You

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