Attorneys Who Work at Their Craft are Harder to Come By

On June 25, the Kern County Bar's Criminal Defense Section sponsored a training seminar for defense attorneys focusing on DUI defense and assisting our clients with license and insurance issues. The keynote speake was Kristopher Beaulieu of Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions, a company that assists peope across California with insurance issues stemming from a DUI arrest. Mr. Beaulieu provided helpful information and insight into the ways an attorney can help clients with insurance and license issues and minimize the negative impact a DUI arrest can have in these areas. Surprisingly, despite the number of attorneys claiming to practice DUI defense lately, very few of those attorneys came to this training. There seems to be a growing trend of attorneys, or attorney services, advertising in the DUI defense area heavily, who in truth take no time to actually improve their ability to represent their clients. This trend highlights the importance of those accused of DUI, or any crime, to carefully research an attorney before hiring. Accused consumers should ask around, meet with a prospective attorneys, and dont be afraid to ask that attorney questions. When it comes to DUI defense, ask the attorney how much training she or he does specific to DUI defense, ask what professional associations the attorney belongs to, and most importantly ask that attorney if he or she actually takes DUI cases to trial. If the attorney says they do, ask them to tell you the last DUI trial he or she did. There are alot of attorneys out there who work hard and take time to improve their craft through training and education. The problem is that many of these attorneys are drown out by the sea of attorneys claiming things that simply are not true. Take your time and make an informed decision when picking your attorney - that should a person who will work hard to get you the best possible outcome and who can go the distance through trial if need be.