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Two of Attorney Kyle J. Humphrey's Cases Make Headlines

Not one, but two of Attorney Kyle J. Humphrey's cases have recently made local headlines. In both cases, Attorney Humphrey's courtroom prowess and advocacy for his clients are on display—even has his clients face extremely serious charges.

20 Offenses Reduced to 8-Year Term

As The Bakersfield Californian reports, the case against 28-year-old Jacob Dixon concluded this week with a sentencing of eight years in prison. Initially, Dixon, Attorney Humphrey's client, had faced 20 different charges, including kidnapping, which could have resulted in a life sentence. Due to Attorney Humphrey's challenging of much of the testimony against Dixon, only two charges were actually pursued by the prosecution: spousal abuse and unlawful sexual intercourse.

Dixon had been arrested on October 8 after his teenage girlfriend had called the police and claimed that Dixon had kept her in captivity and raped her, ultimately resulting in a pregnancy. However, upon further questioning, the victim's testimony continue to produce significant inconsistencies. Attorney Humphrey filed in favor of a plea disposition that outlined these inconsistencies and the prosecution's inability to pursue 18 of 20 complaints against Dixon.

"Jacob’s a good kid," Attorney Humphrey told the paper after the sentencing. "He comes from a good family. He made the mistake of running with the wrong crowd."

Sheriff's Deputy Pleads Not Guilty

In another case only just beginning, Attorney Humphrey entered a not guilty plea on behalf of his client, Sheriff's Deputy Edward Tucker, 44, who faces nine charges, including escape from police custody. At the November 2 hearing in Kern County court, the judge raised Tucker's bail to $1 million, a move that Attorney Humphrey found excessive. "You can kill someone and get lower bail," he told "Does a million dollars protect people? If he had a million dollars to pay it doesn't. I guess it should be $10 million. Why not $100 million?"

Tucker, who is currently on medical leave from the sheriff's office, was arrested on October 24 for being under the influence of drugs and pointing a firearm at a group of children. After posting bail, he was arrested three days later for again being under the influence of narcotics. While in custody, he was able to slip through his handcuffs and walk away from a Bakersfield jail parking garage while unattended.

Attorney Humphrey and others close to Tucker assert that his recent behavior is not a result of reckless or criminal propensity, but of chronic health issues that have plagued him since 2008. He is a throat cancer survivor and deals with crippling back pain. According to Attorney Humphrey, Tucker is unable to even brush his teeth in custody due to chronic pain, according to The Bakersfield Californian.

Mr. Tucker's case is ongoing. We are sure that Attorney Humphrey will continue to ensure that Mr. Tucker gets every consideration he deserves towards a favorable outcome, much like he did for Mr. Dixon's case.

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