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Attorney Kyle Humphrey Comments on Bakersfield Cop Case

Attorney Kyle Humphrey recently offered comment on the controversial case of a former Bakersfield police officer convicted of drug crimes. While there has been an outcry that convicted man received a light sentence, Attorney Humphrey had a different perspective on the matter.

Blog: recently turned to Attorney Kyle Humphrey for his insight on the ongoing story of a former Bakersfield police officer who has been convicted of drug crimes. While the case has proved controversial, Attorney Humphrey had a different take on former officer's sentencing.

"What happened to our humanity, our Christianity, when we talk about compassion?" he told "Why is anybody getting more than five years for what he did, cop or no cop?"

Case Background

Attorney Humphrey refers to the five years that the officer, Damacio Diaz, received in federal court last October. His sentencing, which was well-attended by both the media and supporters, drew a sharp backlash from those who thought Diaz was getting lenient treatment. A photo showing Diaz shaking hands with the federal judge that sentenced him after the hearing only fanned the flames of controversy.

Diaz was found guilty of stealing narcotics from criminal suspects with a former police partner and then reselling it for personal profit. The original indictment also accused Diaz of interfering with wiretap investigations—but those charges were dropped as part of a plea deal.

Diaz was in the news again this month when a federal court approved a motion to delay his prison sentence. Diaz will now report to prison in February, allowing him to care for his ailing father over the holidays.

Many continue to point out that, if Diaz hadn't been a police officer, it's probable that we would not have been offered the sentence or considerations he has received. Attorney Humphrey took a different stance, however, asserting that the public's call for harsh sentences for any criminal defendants-- whether they're a cop or not-- is dehumanizing.

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