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Attorney Kyle Humphrey Secures Two Acquittals in Recent Firearm Case

Humphrey & Thompson is happy to announce that our firm has secured another favorable case result on behalf of our clients. In the recent case of his client, Attorney Kyle Humphrey secured two acquittals for felony negligent discharge and resisting arrest charges stemming from an incident that occurred last May.

As The Bakersfield Californian reports, A local businessman and his girlfriend were returning to his office one night at 10:50 pm when they were approached by a homeless man. The man proceeded to ward him off by drawing a gun and fired it into the air. According to Attorney Humphrey's client, he feared for the safety of himself and his companion.

Despite the prosecutor's determination to punish Gorski with the harshest penalties possible, Attorney Humphrey asserted that his client—who had no prior criminal record—understood his mistake and was remorseful for his actions. "He has acknowledged the mistake he made and is going to pay the price for that," Attorney Humphrey told Judge John W. Lua in his client's recent sentencing hearing. Attorney Humphrey also pointed out that his client, even without jail time, will suffer a loss in clients, income, and social standing in the community.

A Matter of Self-Defense

Ultimately, it was Attorney Humphrey's clear establishment of his client's circumstances the night of the incident which proved to be most convincing to the jury. Attorney Humphrey reiterated that his client's adrenaline kicked in at the time of the shooting. Gorski also knew that the homeless man had threatened local residents in the past and, according to police reports, had beaten a man unconscious in Seattle three years ago.

"If my client hadn’t done what he did, how do we know there wouldn’t have been two stabbing victims?" Attorney Humphrey told the court. The judge and jury agreed and found Attorney Humphrey's client innocent of resisting arrest and negligent discharge—the latter of which is a serious felony. The client will serve three-years’ probation and undergo anger management therapy as part of a remaining misdemeanor charge.

We congratulate Attorney Kyle J. Humphrey on yet another courtroom victory. This case joins the countless others our firm has handled that stand as a testament to the dedicated and thorough advocacy we are ready to offer our clients.

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